George Sullivan

Director & Founder

George started The Sole Supplier in 2013 from a passion for trainers and a love of all things digital. With a mission to help people find the trainers they love, George set out to build the website and supporting social channels. George is a creative thinker and is always thinking of new technical ideas to help both the users of the website and The Sole Supplier app. He also has a passion for writing having honed his skills over 6 years of freelance work and of course, getting an A in English at school! His favourite trainer style is the Nike Spiridon due to its large Swoosh and technical aesthetic. In his spare time he enjoys running and likes to set his goals high, running the London Marathon and Man vs Mountain. He also likes Climbing both inside and outside. A goal of his is to read 52 books per year but is currently struggling to hit that target

Articles by George Sullivan