Did Giggs Just Tease Dench x Alpha Industries Collab?

Published January 11, 2017


Giggs has got the swagger on Lock Doh (pun intended).

The SN1 rapper took to Instagram last week to share his outfit with his fans and in doing so might have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, he wrote:

“Bro, I know you didn’t wanna hand over the prototype Dench jacket, but number 1: You’re too hench so it didn’t even fit you anyway, and number 2: come on family, you know I wore it better.”

Of course the caption was directed at POW rapper Lethal Bizzle who recently released a track with Giggs and Flowdan entitled ‘Round Here’.


Whether Lethal’s clothing brand Dench and streetwear stalwart Alpha Industries are set to collab in the near future is yet to be confirmed, but we’re pretty confident it could be going ahead.

The jacket features the Dench motif with the Union Jack flag on the left breast, while the number 22 on the right is a nod to Bizzle’s 22 Tour.

Back to Giggs’s swagger though, here’s what he was wearing and where you can buy it.


The OVO owl hat has sold out everywhere but is available on ebay for around £100.


Giggs is wearing what we believe to be a collaborative Dench x Alpha Industries jacket so there’s no news on that just yet. However the plain black Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber is available from END.


There’s nothing better than a pair of joggers. The rapper has opted for the Nike Tech Fleece Joggers in black – minimal, stylish and comfortable – MAJOR key.


Giggs finished his outfit off in true style, topping it with a classic sneak – the Nike Classic Cortez dressed in black and white.

Let us know how you rate Giggs’s outfit and if you grab any of the bits.