The way we buy sneakers has come a long way in the last decade. The older generation had to suffer through agonising queues and rain-drenched campouts. Thankfully, today’s sneakerhead enjoys a far more comfortable shopping experience. What with the integration of technology, copping an exclusive pair of trainers is a mere click or two away.

But it’s not always that simple and as most die-hard collectors will tell you, the integration of technology hasn’t been entirely positive. The re-sell market has took off in recent years thanks in part to the ease at which bots can manipulate the system. When many are left with nothing to show for hours staring at an online queue, others are managing to buy multiple pairs.

Even with raffle systems such as Nike SNEAKRS, it would seem that people can create several profiles, tipping the scales in their favour. adidas recently announced a new method of release whereby mobile info is required upon sign up. It should deter the pesky re-seller but many claim that it only makes the problem worse. Those dedicated enough will surely purchase multiple phone numbers – not a difficult task for the youth of today.

So, what is in store for the future of sneaker releases and will there ever be a truly fair way to cop?!

Facial recognition software could be the answer.  This technology, found on the Galaxy S9 and i-Phone X,  is what many are calling upon for a fairer method of releasing sneakers. As it can only be attributed to one person, it would avoid the likes of duplicating accounts and allowing one person to enter a raffle numerous times.

Given this only features to the newest of handsets, it’s unlikely that it would be utilised for releases anytime soon. That said, many expect facial recognition to be the future when it comes to online shopping.

Have your say in the comments and let us know if you agree with this method. Would you prefer an equal chance for all, or should people be able to cop several trainers at once?!

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