Image via @kingoftrainers / Nike

What would you do for a pair of exclusive sneakers?! It seems those of you determined enough are willing to go to great lengths – and that includes dropping everything for a mad dash around London city!

It was earlier today that crowds descended upon Tottenham’s high street all with the same goal in mind; unlocking a Nike SNEAKRS stash release.

The event took place as part of Nike’s two year anniversary of the SNEAKRS app. It all begun at 8am as thousands opened the app in an attempt to find a “Golden Hangtag”. Those who got lucky were then sent a message and the race was on, “Get ready to cop your grails today. They’re stashed away in your city. Go get’em!”

Image via Nike

Several locations were quickly confirmed including Brick Lane before rumours spread that Tottenham was the next location. As seen in this footage from @kingoftrainers, hundreds made the journey with phones in hand attempting to unlock a grail.

Unfortunately, the rumours were false leaving many hopefuls with nothing but an L. That said, plenty of you across London, Paris and Berlin did manage to unlock something. Be sure to visit The Sole Supplier Instagram feed to find out what sneakers were unlocked today!

Image via Nike