Nike Teases A Mysterious 1985 Lost Shipment Campaign

Nike recently launched a brand new campaign asking for help to track down a “lost shipment” that dates back to June 6th 1985. On the poster, which has been pasted on billboards all across New York City and Los Angeles, a hotline can be seen as well as instructions to not approach the shipment and to contact authorities immediately.

april placement

When you actually call the number, a short video plays revealing coordinates and a date: June 12th. Once you enter these into Google Maps, you’ll be directed to a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles.

While the Swoosh is no stranger to mysterious ad campaigns, this one takes the cake as one of the most bizarre yet. Pretty much nothing else is known about it, but it could be in relation to the rumoured Strangers Things x Nike collaboration that we reported on last month. Let us know what you think it is, and while you’re here, be sure to take a look at the full Nike sneaker range!