Are you ready to experience the comfort of Tailored Fiber Placement?! It’s the revolutionary technology to feature on adidas’ latest performance silhouette; the Solar Boost.

This state of the art fabric is precision made on the microscopic level. Each fibre is perfectly connected and inter woven, ensuring a tailored fit unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Of course, the runner wouldn’t be complete without that Boost technology underfoot. But unlike most of the classic runners, the adidas Solar Boost features a brand-new Energy Rail that effectively absorbs impact for better stability and comfort.

Although these were designed with long distance runners in mind, the streamlined look could make them a favourite amongst sneakerheads. Who knows, the Solar Boost could be the new Ultra Boost!

Not available here in the UK for several weeks, you can secure your pair early via Sports Shoes. This UK retailer is offering pre-order for both the mens and womens colourway.

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