The Yeezy Mafia’s Twitter account just got suspended and many are claiming that Kim Kardashian is responsible for the shut down. Although the sneaker leak account is yet to comment, everything still appears to be normal on their Instagram feed.

An altercation took place earlier this year between Kim Kardashian and the trusted source for all things Yeezy when she accused the account of making false claims. It wasn’t long after Kim vowed that she’d “made calls” before The Yeezy Mafia lost that blue tick of approval on their Twitter profile.

Whether or not Kim was responsible for this Twitter account suspension, don’t expect the Yeezy leaks to stop coming.

As mentioned, the Yeezy Mafia Insta account is very much active. Recently, it was the first source to post news of the Yeezy 500 ‘Ultravioltet’.

Hopefully, there’ll be back on Twitter shortly as who knows what us sneakerheads would do without leaked news of Yeezy styles, months before they go live!