Love him or hate him, Yeezy Busta is the modern-day Robin Hood (sort of). We caught up with the LA-based hero to find out more.


How long have you been calling out fake sneakers and streetwear?

YB: I started @yeezybusta two years ago, and I’ve been calling out fake Yeezy owners ever since. I started “busting” streetwear in the last few months, and believe me, there’s a whole lot of people who rock fake Supreme too!

What initially sparked the idea?

YB: I used to follow a page called @fakewatchbusta, he used to call out celebrities who wore fake watches and I thought it was a hilarious idea. Shortly after, I began calling out kids in my high school who wore fake Yeezys and flexed them as if they were real – even though they knew that they weren’t.

How can you tell what’s legit from what’s not?

YB: Generally, it’s just from doing my research and looking at thousands of sneakers. Also, there’s loads of resources online.

Have you ever bought or been offered fakes yourself?

YB: I personally have never bought anything fake and I never would. However, I have been offered fake pairs quite a few times at sneaker conventions from people who supposedly didn’t know they were fake. I always turn them down and let them know the reason why too.

What’s the worst pair of fakes that you’ve ever seen?

YB: I remember I was in LA, and I saw a pair of red “Yeezy V1s” with spikes coming out of the sole – I laughed pretty hard.

What are your top tips for spotting fake pairs?

YB: Honestly, with each pair and colourway, there are so many different ways to tell what’s real and what’s fake. It’s hard to give any specific tip, but I always look at the quality and where they’re coming from – If you buy them from a credible source, they’ll be real 999/1,000 times.

Who’s your biggest celeb bust?

YB: There’s been quite a few. My favourite had to be Soulja Boy – but I’ve also busted people like Jackie Chan, Rich The Kid, Zac Efron, Busta Rhymes, Swae Lee and loads more. 

How do you get your pairs?

YB: You can’t reveal your plug!

Any affiliation with adidas?

YB: No comment.

What’s the deal with the mask?

YB: Back when I first started, someone tried to sue me because I called them out. I found out that you can’t sue an Instagram page buy you can sue a person so I hid my identity to avoid getting sued. It was only a year ago that I found out that I actually can’t get sued for what I do but the mask had already become a part of my image in a way so I kept it.

Do you think celebrities are knowingly buying fakes?

YB: It depends on the celebrity, but I would say that 8/10 times it’s either their stylist or a faulty plug that gets them fakes.

Which celeb has the most fakes?

 YB: Overall, it has to be Soulja Boy – he’s been caught with fake Yeezys, fake watches, fake jewellery, fake weapons, and god knows what else.

Why is the counterfeit sneaker market so booming?

 YB: I feel like it’s because the education isn’t there. I still have people who hit me up asking if Instagram ads sell real Yeezys for $120. People don’t know they’re buying fakes, and a lot of people don’t see the value in the resale market to justify paying such high prices. Personally, I always encourage my supporters to understand that the culture is the reason the shoe is so cool and why it is so expensive – and if you buy fakes, you’re taking away from the culture and being a part of it in a fake way.

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