Your Chance to WIN on Our Facebook Page

Published March 28, 2017


The Sole Supplier want to say thank you for all your amazing support so we are giving you the opportunity to win a fresh pair of creps every week. There will always be some heat available. To find out how to enter, read below – it takes 10 seconds. The first winner will be announced April 1st so get commenting for your opportunity to win.

This is for our Facebook audience only.

To enter each week:
1. Turn on “See First” notifications for The Sole Supplier Facebook page.
2. When you comment (on ANY posts on our page), make sure you #thesolesupplier and   your UK shoe size with your comment “e.g. These shoes are such heat #thesolesupplier UK9 ”
3. Like the posts on our Facebook page
4. Do not spam – if we notice you spamming you wont be chosen!

If you do the above things you will be entered, it’s that simple – we may even do more than one prize per week – and for anyone wondering, it will be heaty pairs, not always sold out pairs but we will definitely chuck some Yeezy / NMD / Jordan heat in there too!

You can see examples of people commenting on recent posts on our Facebook page here.

How to turn on see first notifications

See First Notifications 1

Definition of not spamming
– Commenting on every post once is acceptable. So for example, if we post 4 times in one day – its completely fine to comment on each one of these – in order to do this its worth turning on notifications.
– Commenting on every post more than once is considered spamming and considered trying to increase your chances in an unfair manner.


Previous Winners

Week 1 – Craig Wardley