Givenchy Runner Active Beige



Release Date

Thu 18th Aug, 2016 8am GMT

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Release Date

Thu 18th Aug, 2016 8am GMT

Are you looking for something up class and progressive?, then check out this recently released Givenchy Runner Active Beige. In a mix of tan, scarlet and charcoal grey colourway, this classy looking trainer recently became available.

Givenchy is one of the elite brands available and these Active Line trainers are crafted in Italy. This brand new edition of the series includes a suede based beige frontal region and a wool inspired rear scarlet heel-end. It is crafted with premium materials and comes with an ultra durable black sole. The pair rests on top of a white midsole with perforations.

Brandings in gold are visible on the back heel and tongue region. Extra leather details on the heel and a set of matching black laces complete the look.

Givenchy Runner Active Beige is now available via the retailers on the right side.

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£420 | 1052878