British sportswear brand Reebok has been a cult classic label for many years, with iconic UK styling and an abundance of amazing silhouettes, this label has been a mainstay of the sneaker scene for decades.

Founded in 1895 by Joseph William Foster and his sons in Tottington, England, this label has a rich history starting off with it’s name.

Reebok is derived from the Afrikaans work Rhebok, a species of antelope. With its sports sensibilities and performance wear at the forefront, this graceful and lean animal is the perfect ambassador for the brand.

Reebok are now known as the sportswear label for the sportsperson. With technical gear forever driving them forward, they have cornered the market on running and cross-fit, along with their long-standing partnership with the UFC.

With iconic silhouettes such as the Nylon, Workout, and Pump at their disposal, this label has heritage and innovation at their core.

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