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Pair your mortarboard and gown with some of the most intelligent sneakers on the market. Inspired by some world-famous universities, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of some intellectual greats.

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Last updated 1 year ago

“The Durham Forums” – Durham University x Adidas Forums

These reimagined Adidas Forums are executed in a range of various shades of purple to call out the famous Russell Group university. A touch of the university crest breaks free from the sole. Generally quite nice, you’ll probably want to send a picture to your gran.

“The Cambridges” – University of Cambridge x Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks with red accents, mortarboard lace tassels and a custom Cambridge pattern. Not only do they take you places, they also take you places – they come with a good chance of landing a job at a high-paying London company.

“The Otley Run” – University of Leeds x Nike Air Max 97s

The makeup of this custom Air Max 97 shoe features mixed shades of green ripple lines and red reflective piping, with a hit of red at the laces for an understated, yet attractive, finish. The Nike Swoosh branding completes the look, celebrating the University's big social scene with another playfully loud footwear design.

“Elite Feet” - Loughborough University x Air Jordan 1s

An elite sneaker for an elite sporting uni. These custom Jordan 1s tug on Loughborough University's visual identity with a midnight purple base and black finishes. Just as appropriate for the pavement as they are for the football pitch.

“The Mancunians” – University of Manchester x Nike Dunks

This footwear piece is packed full of Manc pride. Purple, yellow and blue all come from the uni crest and are used on the Nike Dunks’ lateral heel areas, laces and insoles. Even the crest's sun makes an abstract appearance despite rarely being seen in the city.

“The Oxfords” – University of Oxford x Adidas Superstars

These crisp white Oxfords keep it simple, with a cloud white base and dark blue features. A lesser-known fact about the Adidas Superstars collection is that their laces are made from paper. In this instance, they're likely using top-scoring dissertations from the year before.

“The Imperials” – Imperial College London x Air Jordan 4s

A modern sneaker with the odd historical touch. These Air Jordan 4s feature bits of ICL’s crest, yellow, red and blue accents all housed on a crisp white shoe.