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Retro gaming consoles stay with us from the very first level we play. The likes of Sonic, Mario and Lara Croft have inspired button smashing for generations, now they can inspire sneakers too.

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Last updated 11 months ago

“The Playstation Classics” – Playstation Classic x Adidas Forums

Paying their respects to the original Playstation, these shoes strip back most of the colour of the OG and focus on slate grey details. These Adidas Forums are simple, matte and all you need to while away hours of your time. Get them chipped to be the coolest kid in the playground.

“The SNES” – SNES US x Air Jordan 4s

Crisp white and purple tint Nike Air Jordan 4s that look a little bit like the SNES EU, just with dark purple rubber netting and heel tabs that really make the whole thing pop.

“The European Dream” – Dreamcast EU x Adidas Superstars

If they’re good enough for Sonic, they’re good enough for you. These Adidas Superstars use a mixture of greys and bold button features to elevate the ordinary. Also featuring the classic Dreamcast EU blue spiral, these sneakers are sure to leave all admirers in a spin.

“The American Dream” – Dreamcast US x Air Jordan 1s

This electrifying edition of Jordan 1s covers the silhouette with a white and Dreamcast Orange upper. Black accents dominate the outsole, collar, tongue and insole, creating a fresh colour-blocking scheme for one of the game's most revered pairs of sneakers.

“The Gamecubes” – Gamecube x Air Jordan 4s

This Jordan 4 collab consists of a purple leather upper with black detailing. Rubber netted underlays, red heel tabs with “Nike Air” branding, and black with fire red midsoles completes this design. Basically the Gamecube on your feet, without all those uncomfortable pointy bits.

“The Mastersystems” – Sega Mastersystem x Nike Air Max 97s

Nike Air Max 97s designed to take you way, way back. A black base sneaker with crimson ripple finishes, they look as cool now as the Master System did then. Smash those two buttons like your life depends on it.

“The N64s” – SNES N64 x Nike Dunks

N64 except the ‘N’ stands for ‘Nike’ and the ‘64’ is for how many times you’ll wear them in a row before you have to succumb to the smell. With a mix of black suede, leather and canvas and a contrasting herringbone sole, these Nike Dunks are proper cool – just like the console made you feel back in the 90s.

“The SNES EUs” – SNES EU x Adidas Superstars

Adidas Superstars that pack a small but powerful punch. White sneakers with slate grey and dark grey details, because let’s face it, they never went to town on making the SNES look fancy.