Super Shoes

With sneakers so super, you’ll want to Hulk smash-n-grab them straight off the shelves. These Marvel-ous designs might not give you powers, but they’ll make you look superhuman. 

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Last updated 9 months ago

“The Spiderverse” – Spiderman x Air Jordan 1s

This colour scheme screams Spiderman, with a red outer, tongue and collar features and blue toe and Swoosh elements. The cobweb pattern on the side of the shoe nods to the actors' names. PLEASE NOTE: These Jordan 1s will not allow you to climb walls and we will take no responsibility for bruised knees.

“The Lokis” – Loki x Adidas Forums

Adidas Forums that aren’t as well behaved as their brother, but are still good deep down. Inspired by Loki’s cloak and sass in equal measure, the sneaker boasts a range of various shades of green textures and gold finishing. The hook-and-loop tab's outline pattern seals the superhero deal.

“The Langs” – Antman x Air Jordan 1s

Inspired by Antman, these Jordan 1s come in both human and ant sizes (naturally). Sadly only your feet can shrink while wearing them - we don’t make the rules. Subtle white stitching gives the Nike Swoosh extra dynamism, on a shoe that's mostly in smooth black and red tones.

“The Romanov's” – Black Widow x Nike Dunks

These Dunks have the Scarlett Johansson seal of approval. The black base shoe is a mix of suede and leather textures straight from the costume. Red laces and gold groove heel detailing top it all off, creating a sneaker that could only be superhuman.