Here's The Reason Why adidas Originals Renamed The Iniki

The adidas Originals Iniki was by far one of the most slept on sneakers of 2017. Simple but sophisticated, the shoe silently took over the collections of many sneakerheads. However, you may have noticed that The Brand With The Three Stripes recently renamed the sneaker to I-5923, and if this has left you scratching your head, here’s the reason why they did this.

According to The Yeezy Mafia, adidas was forced to abandon the Iniki moniker due to a lawsuit that was filed against the German giant. In a tweet, The Mafia wrote, “adidas got sued cause INIKI was a registered trademark already.”

Whilst adidas did indeed file for a patent for the name back in February of this year, that filing was abandoned in May as a third party held the rights. A quick Google search shows what looks to be an abandoned trademark for Iniki, which can’t definitively be attributed to adidas, however, the timeline on the site fits when the sportswear brand filed and reportedly abandoned the trademark.

According to adidas, the name I-5923 originates from one of the articles in the their archive, and whilst it doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as Iniki did, we still dig the silhouette. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here's The Reason Why adidas Originals Renamed The Iniki

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