One of Insta’s finest.

If you follow The Sole Supplier on Instagram then it is very likely that you would of seen images by @HypeTobs. With his mixture of high-heat creps, amazing backdrops and perfect lighting, there are a few things that you can learn from Tobi.

Lucky enough we have caught up with the German native and he tells us his top tips and tricks to taking the elusive ‘perfect Instagram shot’.

Check out some of his images below and be sure to follow @HypeTobs.

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  • Find a good Natural Light

Pretty self explanatory this one but natural lighting is the best lighting. Look at the image above the Air Max 90. Taken during golden hour, not everyone can afford fancy studio lights, so use the best alternative out there.

  • Use a Minimal Background

Sometimes people can go overboard with gassy backgrounds. The focal point of the image is the shoe, not the 10,000ft tall skyscraper in the background. Keep it clean and let the sneaker do the talking.

  • Keep the aperture low

You don’t even need a camera worth a ridiculous amount of money for this one anymore. With the iPhone XS now having a set aperture feature this is accessible to many. Set it to f/1.4 and the background will blur perfectly, leaving the sneaker to be the star of the show.

  • Use a good lens.

This one is camera related now. Again, self-explanatory but there is no point of having an incredible camera if you skimp on the lens. Easily the most important aspect of your camera, once this is sorted the rest will follow.

  • Take your time.

Everyone in this day and age is worried about getting their shots our first and before everyone else. Don’t rush on the quality and always take your time with your shots, the perfect shot is accessible you just need to take your time to get there.