A Ninja x adidas Collaboration Is Coming Soon!

You’ve probably never heard of the name Richard Tyler Blevins, but once you hear his online alias, then you’ll know exactly who we’re talking about. Crowned as one of Times’ “Most Influential People” of 2019, Ninja is one of the world’s most successful gamers. With over 22 million subscribers and almost 2 billion total views, he’s a household name. After teaming up with Microsoft to exclusively stream on their Mixer platform earlier this month, he’s now taken to Twitter to tease a collaboration with none other than adidas!

While this partnership may seem pretty strange at first, if you think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense. The Three Stripes is, in essence, a sport-centric label, and with esports getting bigger and bigger as the days go on, this is a pretty natural move. In fact, back in February, Nike sponsored sixteen esports teams in a bid to create the ‘LA Lakers of video gaming’.

In the teaser, Ninja says, “Yo, what’s going on guys? Ninja here.” before the broadcast is disrupted by a “tomorrow. 2pm cet. message” This is written in adidas’ signature AdiNeue typeface that they’ve been using for decades now. At this moment in time, pretty much nothing else is known about the Ninja x adidas collaboration, so make sure you keep it locked for more news as it develops!

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